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Born at an early age.

Founder of Quuu. Prop Trader and Private Fund Manager.

I eat fast. I like wine. Prefer cold weather.




My name is Matt. I'm an entrepreneur from the UK, co-founding SaaS tool Quuu with my friend Daniel Kempe. I'm also a Husband, Dad, amateur triathlete, golfer and secret competitive eater. 

I've traded my own money for just over 10 years as of 2020. It's been an interesting journey, one that has had me baffled, intrigued, frustrated, elated and downright enamoured. 

I currently trade other companies' money for them as a proprietary trader as well as manage my own private fund for myself and family - see results here.


On SpreadBetPro, I will share my trading results (warts and all), trade positions, insights and research. I might even occasionally live stream my Sunday night research sessions to prepare for the week ahead.

But ultimately, I should make it clear that despite this experience, I am not a regulated trainer or educator. As such, you should NOT take any of the information published on this blog as trading or financial advice, it is purely my own thoughts and experiences. 

I'm just an average Joe who thought it'd be refreshing to document a normal amateur trader's experience in the markets as honestly and transparently as possible. ​

Additionally, I want to pass on the sum of my learnings over the past decade with any interested parties looking to learn how to trade, hopefully saving time, confusion and lots of money.

I hope you'll subscribe to my blog to stay abreast of any updates or alerts, and definitely connect with me on social media, I'd love to chat with likeminded traders (both budding, new and seasoned!)

Happy trading!

Matthew Spurr

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